Work with a perfectionist 完璧主義者との仕事

My friend and 3D artist, Hugo ordered his portfolio web site to me. I was gladly received because no reason to turn it down :)
It’s hard to work with a perfectionist like him… But I got many stuffs, I also want to reflect on own site. The minimal beautiful portfolio was finished !
I wrote this article on my blog, because I think it was finished. Now, I received an email from him of modification requests :)
どんな事でも完璧を追求する彼との仕事は骨が折れますが、とても勉強になった。ピヴォのサイトにも反映させたい事が満載だ! ミニマルな多言語の奇麗なポートフォリオが完成した。
ようやく完成したと思って、このブログを書いている最中にも、彼から修正依頼のメールが来たよ :)


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