Power to transform dream to reality 夢を実現する力

鰻 Unagi(Eel)鰻 Unagi(Eel)
Eight year since I moved to Paris, finally I have chance to eat Eel at Nodaiwa. Mmmmm delicious! Eel and Conger are my favorite! They are used for French cooking but I prefer to have them simply with sweet sauce with a good deal of Japanese pepper tree.
Excellent harmony of white rice and the sweet sauce is the key!
This restaurant serves a high-grade Eel so finally, my dream comes true.

My friend H becomes a Doctor of medical science and starts her research in France. Her vast curiosity does not stop expanding and continue allowing the new things. But she always stays cool as she is middle of bull’s eyes. Her next target is to go to mars! She already passed the first selection and now prepare for the second.
Her source of energy has to be her bottomless curiosities, I guess.
Talking to her gets shorten the distance between Earth and Mars!

By the way, I once saw the Eel was caught at Seine river, but I don’t even want to taste it anyway.


本人は台風の目にいるよに、いつもクールです。次の目標は「火星に行きたい!」そうです。 そうです、というか、もう宇宙飛行士の第一次選考パスしていて、二次試験の準備をしていた!


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