ここは、ドイツ人のお姉さんが、アパートの駐車場を改造して、ドイツ・60~70年代アンティークを売るお店。 お二人のお子さんがいらっしゃる、お忙しい方にて、来店は要予約。


上はココのショップカード。 よく見るとFuturaで文字組みしてますね。
これはドイツのタイプフェースです。 事実がどうか判りませんが、フランスの公式文書には、このタイプは使用禁止だとか。 戦争の傷跡深し~。(takeo)

I went to a antique shop called PARKING in 19th district.
This shop is owned by a German girl.
She converted a parking lot into a shop and is selling German antiques of 60’s-70’s.
Since she has two children and is pretty busy, we need to take a reservation to go there.
There are tons of sundry goods, furnitures, cloths and magazines. I spent such a great time!

Before I came to France, I did not know the characteristic of each country in Europe but I realize that I always like stout design of German, Dutch and Scandinavian.
Why am I in France….??

The image above is the shop card.
If you take a good look at it, you can see the typographic of Futura.
Futura is a German typography.
I am not sure if it is truth, but it is said that using this typography is prohibited in French official letters! The war left deep scars.

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  1. へええ、futura大好きなんですけれど。canal+のロゴ周辺はFUturaだと、以前教えてもらいましたが、公式文書には使えないのですね。勉強になりました。

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