Otoshidama (New Year Gift)お年玉

Sola's Cybershot
This is my new year gift for my daughter. It’s my old digital camera, Cyber-shot DSC-T700.
She decoration it to her style.

I took over 1500 pictures in 2-3days in last december. My eyes were tired… and I think that I have to buy a better camera to keep the quality.
I wish get Canon 5D MarkⅢ and Zeiss Normal 50mm f/1.4 ZE Planar for my Otoshidama !!!!
Please ^_^Sola's Cybershot
これは娘のそらへのお年玉〜、昔使っていたデジカメ Cyber-shot DSC-T700.


Canon 5D MarkⅢ と Zeiss Normal 50mm f/1.4 ZE Planar あたりをお年玉に欲しいです ^_^

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