Moon Night Cycling

To find the best route for working place, I’m going to the studio while changing the route every day.
I had take a bicycle from a few days ago.

The name of this bike is Birdy. I have it 20 years ago in Tokyo. This is still alive and well. But I became streamlined.
This is folded ! But… Brake cable is about to expire.

My favorite route :
From the home of the Bastille, I will lightly turning the Bastille Square. Then I will cross to the west the Marais district from the side of the Vosges square. We can find The Pompidou Center !
Then I will in to the fashionable area of Étienne Marcel. I will head north down the Montorgueil street. Arrival to the studio at Grand Boulevard Street…

To stimulate the creative sense, this course is ideal !
Observe the shop window of the Marais, to enjoy the art gallery, to check people etc.

Tonight is The Mid-Autumn Festival (harvest festival) in asia area.
We can find clearly very big and beautiful moon.

I am Moon Night Cycling very slowly…

Why slowly ?

Because, There is a problem of the transmission of Birdy… It fixed top gear…








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Moon Night Cycling

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