Just so-so, Motion Factory #La Gaîté Lyriqueまあまあな、Motion Factory #La Gaîté Lyrique

I visited the exhibition “Motion Factory” at La Gaîté Lyrique.
They were featured stop motion animation that animate the three-dimensional object.
The film or art work are very interesting !
I thought exhibition was just so-so…

Why “it was so-so” ?

I received a frivolous impression.
Because we can see all films on the animation agency company web site, I already saw them…
Curator says, “They are moving frame by frame”… but everybody know it or can do it by our mobile camera now….
“Stop Motion” This technology was developed decades ago by great senior.
We’re just tracing them easily with digital “assistance” technology.
Why State-of-the-art laboratory of digital technology “La Gaîté Lyrique” featuring the stop animation? Is not felt at all its sharpness.

They do not understand the meaning of curation.
But all films ot art work are nice, There is worth a look even if paying 7 euros. ^_^

現在 La Gaîté Lyriqueで開催中のMotion Factory展に行ってきました。


撮影がデジタルカメラになったり、後からCGが合成されたりするくらいしか新しくなくて、そんなやりかたは、もう何十年も前に先代のアーティストがやってるから。。。デジタルメディアの最先端研究のために設立されたLa Gaîté Lyriqueが、何で今、ストップモーションに注目するのか、その辺の切れ味まったくなしでした。

この甘いキュレーションが、La Gaîté LyriqueがLa Gaîté Lyriqueな所以なんかな?

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