Great sign すごいサイン

Regarde le ciel
Early morning, I wake up in the powerful LINE message.
“(My brother) Takeo, I want to ask you to design my Great sign !”
Request from my niece attending junior high school in Osaka.

My sister has three daughters.
I sent sometime some English learning materials or children’s literature overseas from an early age to them, because I hope they have an International sensibility.

I think this second daughter has sprouted sensuous.
So she installed LINE apps on my iPhone. She serves as a liaison between my parents’ house to my place in Paris.
She is enthusiastic basketball now and looking for the Great sign writing to basketball.

This is my summer homework. Is it NY’s street style ? or like NBA sporty style? Non? more girlish style???
Because it is a long summer vacation, so you lazy to continue


この真ん中の姪がそういうところの感覚の芽がでてきてくれたように思います。しめしめ〜 ^_^


僕の夏休みの宿題、、、そういうのって、NYなストリート的なあれですよね? NBAなかんじ? え、もっと可愛いの?

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