Good Morning, Energy Freebieおはよう, Energy Freebie

I often get a freebie (free sample like a portion of food or other product) at the Place de la Bastille(Bastille Square). Because I live just near here. BelVita is a soft baked mixed berry breakfast biscuits ! I got it this morning.
I have feel that they enjoy to distribute, and they have big smile ! I want to joint to a team someday ;)
CalorieMate is an energy-supplement foods made in Japan, like space food. I think that is a symbol of the Japanese diet or food.
I feet BelVita is well match to the nature-oriented of France.
But I sympathize to a woman who are eating bananas and apples by train. They are charming !

このチームはいつもみんな楽しそうなんです。ユニフォームも立派だし、設営もなかなか趣向を凝らしている。いつかやってみたい仕事の一つ ;)

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