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In this 10 years, I am feeling cold about the life. I am feeling a lot of families are living on the street than before… Children of the same age as my daughter are sitting on the phone box. They has not seen anything, they’re not visible about their future.

Elle Decor Magazine(Japanese edition) start a T.V. programme called “Life Design Lab”. I made an opening sequence…
I hope that this program will create a life in the broad sense. I am luck to be able to compete in such projects as a designer.

Link : https://lepivot.com/life-design-lab/


今回、ELLE DECOR 日本版が新しく、Life Design Labというテレビ番組をスタートすることになり、僕はタイトルシーケンスを作らせていただきました。少しでもいいから、広義でのLIFEに注目し創造していけるような番組になればいいと願っています。デザイナーとしてそういう仕事を残せれば幸です。

Link : https://lepivot.com/life-design-lab/

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