COMME des GARÇONS White Drama

Docks of Seine, It is a new space was able to re-development area along the river Seine. Big long floor is made of wood. It smell very good. He seems like the yacht harbor. Cité de la mode et du design is there. I visited at first time to see the exchibition of COMME des GARÇONS White Drama.
Gothic dress is pure white, has been exhibited in the large ball of transparency. I also felt like watching a old stage, I feel also very cosmic. The flow of the river can be heard in the distance.

Docks of Seine(セーヌのドック)と呼ばれるその地域は、セーヌ河沿い、東南の再開発地域に建設された施設です。木で張られた長く大きい床は、とても香りがよく、まるでヨットハーバーにいるみたい。Cité de la mode et du design(ファッションとデザインの都市)に今日、初めて訪れ、開催中のコムデギャルソンの展示White Dramaを見る。

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