We are in the bistro Richer near the office for the kick-off meeting.
Street “Faubourg de la Poissonnière” there is a bistro was not so glamorous street, But now, We can find new cafeteria or bistro. Richer is one of new french bistro restaurant.

We had toast to celebrate for co-owner’s and their start-up.
I was showing off the design for new company after chatting with delicious plate that has been arranged and desserts.
My Arrangements also seems to give a target !

Payment was a credit card to use for the first time. I became a feast.

Restaurant Richer
2 Rue Richer, Paris 9Richer
打ち合わせと称して、近所のビストロ Richer にて4人で少し贅沢な昼食。お店のあるFaubourg de la Poissonnière通りは、決して華やかな通りではないですが、昔に比べて、小さなカフェやらビストロでがんばっているところを見かけます。Richerもその一つ。


お会計は、初めて使う会社のクレジットカードでびしっとゴチになりました :)

Restaurant Richer
2 Rue Richer, Paris 9

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