元電○で、日仏ハーフ、操る言葉は、日仏英西。 喋り出したら止まらない! ついでにIT関係にも強いときた! ルックスもよしっ!

作りがとてもよい。あれはAudio Technicaだね。

We established the first sales department at Pivot!(Well, There is only one person at the morment..)
He is a Japanese-French origin, is a previous member of the famous D publicity agent, speaks Japanese, French, English and Spanish and does not stop speaking once he speaks!!
He has strong knowledge of IT and is good looking!!!!
I set my hopes on his activity from now on.

The image above is a paper made headphone of a homeless person.
Well done, it must be Audio Technica.
It is nothing to do with a main context…..

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