Season of Bilan びら~んの季節

Vieux CamperVieux Camper
May from tommorrow ! But Paris has snowed heavily since this morning. The wild boar is buried in the snow. and The seal is here ! It’s joke. But on the Alps is season of ski yet.
We are season of Bilan. Bilan mean a settle accounts. End of Feburary we need work it. So last week was very busy…
Make a large profit at the next ! At this time next year, We go ski !

明日から3月というのに、パリは朝から大雪。イノシシも埋もれて、何故かアザラシもいる~ というのはウソ。でもアルプスではまだスキーの季節でしょう。が、当社はビランの季節。ビランはフランス語で収支決算の事。2月〆なので、先週は本当に忙しかったです。来年度は一杯儲けて、今頃はスキー!なんちゃって。

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